Produce Spotlight: Tasty Bites Melons

If it looks like a cantaloupe, feels like a cantaloupe, smells like a cantaloupe, and tastes sweet like a cantaloupe, it's probably a cantaloupe, right?

Meet Tasty Bites melons. They're not cantaloupes, but they are just as refreshing and delicious as a fresh summer cantaloupe.

The Melon

Tasty Bites is a personal-sized melon that is unique in that it can be eaten right to its rind. Below is a photo of a fresh Tasty Bites melon from our fields. As you can see, the flesh turns green before meeting the rind. Tasty Bites melons are a mix of two types of melons, one with orange flesh and one with green flesh (similar to Honey Dew melons), and for this reason both the orange and green flesh are sweet and delicious! It's an aromatic melon with a rich flavor you won't want to miss.

Find it at our Markets this Week

This week at our markets, we will have our first crop of Tasty Bites melons in. Try something new and pick up a fresh, deliciously sweet, and refreshing Tasty Bites melon on your visit to the farmers market this week. They live up to their name.