Is Homestead Gardens Organic?

At Homestead Gardens, we grow our produce on a little over one acre of agricultural land. Compared to other farms in Lancaster County, we are a very small farm. However, the land is adequate. We are able to provide enough produce to supply our stand at two Philadelphia farmers markets year-long. To do this, careful planning and consideration goes into the rotation of our crops from year to year.

Due to our size and the fact that produce is just one of our areas of business, Homestead Gardens is not a certified organic farm. We do, however, strive to grow with organic practices as much as possible. If there is an extreme circumstance where sprays or pesticides are needed to save a crop, we carefully choose options that are mild; most of which are allowed by certified organic farmers. These practices also allows us to provide produce at an affordable price at our farmers market stands.

So What Are We?

Although we have not identified a certain official title for our growing practices, our farm falls somewhere in between certified organic and IPM (read more about IPM here).

We Are Open to Questions

Because not all of our produce is sprayed, we understand that you may have questions about a particular vegetable that we grow. If you have any questions about sprays and pesticides used on a particular vegetable of ours (some are grown completely organic), feel free to let us know!