Wave Petunias

Browse Our Wave Petunias mid-March through May

Homestead Gardens grows hundreds of popular varieties of flowers. We grow healthy plants and offer them at a great price.

Wave Petunias

Homestead Gardens’ Wave petunias grow to 3 – 4 foot in diameter and up to 2 feet tall. Whether you are looking for Easy Wave petunias, Tidal Wave petunias or Shock Wave petunias, we grow a hardy, healthy plant that is ready to take off in your in your landscape, planter, or hanging basket.

Potted wave petunias are a great option for someone looking to adding a colorful and vigorous plant that is easy care! Unlike generic petunias, Wave petunias do not need de-budded once their flowers are spent.

Wave Petunia Plant Price

We sell our Wave petunias for just $1/pot. This low price makes it easy and affordable to fill your garden with a great selection of Wave petunia colors!

Wave Petunia Varieties

Homestead Gardens grows a wide selection of potted Wave petunias, including the Shock Wave and Tidal Wave Series.

Easy wave petunia colors

  • Easy Wave Blue

  • Easy Wave Purple

  • Easy Wave White

  • Easy Wave Red

  • Easy Wave White

  • Easy Wave Silver

Tidal Wave Petunia Colors

  • Tidal Wave Cherry

  • Tidal Wave Hot Pink

  • Tidal Wave Red Valour

Shock Wave Petunia Colors

  • Shock Wave Denim

Wave Petunia Hanging Baskets

Wave petunias are great for hanging baskets! Their foliage and colorful flowers will drape over a hanging basket to create a stunning and economical eye-catcher. Homestead Gardens grows hundreds of Wave petunia hanging baskets, but our individual pots can also be planted into hanging baskets of your own with some potting soil!

Wave Petunia Hanging basket Selection

Homestead Gardens grows a wide variety of hanging baskets with Wave petunias. We have beautiful arrangements of Wave petunias in 11” and 12” hanging basket sizes. Starting at just $12.99, these baskets make for a great sun-loving and blooming addition to your home.

Caring for your wave petunia basket

Wave petunia hanging baskets grow great with part to full sun exposure, moderate watering (they’ll need more watering if getting a full day of sun), and fertilization every 2 to 3 weeks. A good rule of thumb is to water wave petunias when the top inch of soil is dried out, or to test the flower basket’s weight by lifting it from the bottom.

Creating your own basket

Trying to pot and start your own hanging basket? Wave petunias are a great choice! For just $1 a plant, you can plant 1-3 plants (depending on basket size) and have a basket full of blooms in a few weeks with proper care. Choose from our variety of Wave petunia colors to start your basket today.

Wave Petunias for Landscape Growing

Wave petunias are a great ground cover. These vigorous growers will spread their foliage and beautiful flowers and stay close to the ground. This makes them a great option for adding easy-care color to a flower bed or garden.

Our $1 potted Wave petunias grow great when planted in open areas where they can spread. Given enough room, Wave petunias will grow 3-4 feet and up to a little over 1.5 feet tall.

Wave Petunias for Pot Gardening

Another popular growing destination for our Wave petunias is flower pots. Whether you are filling a window box or a patio flower pot, Wave petunias will fill in the gaps of your pot with green foliage and beautiful flowers!