Supertunia Vista Bubblegum

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At Homestead Gardens, we grow a selection of colors in the Supertunia Vista series, including: Bubblegum, Paradise, Snowdrift and Silverberry.

Browse below for our most popular varieties of Proven Winners’ Supertunias. For our full inventory of plants and flowers, browse our greenhouses from April through June!


bubblegum supertunias vs wave petunias

$2.69 / 4.5″ pot


Supertunia Vista Paradise

$2.69 / 4.5″ pot

Bubblegum petunias for sale in Lancaster County, PA

We ensure our bubblegum petunias are ready to be planted after being properly hardened off.

Stop by Homestead Gardens from March through June

Homestead Gardens begins to sell plants and flowers in April and May with hardy pansies and Proven Winners Supertunias being able to be planted first. These plants don’t mind frost due to being hardened off in our greenhouses and in some cases, outside. As Mother’s Day approaches, many of our annuals are ready to be planted outside as well.

Visit our greenhouses from April through May to browse our selection flowers, plants and hanging baskets.