Homestead Gardens grows hundreds of popular varieties of flowers. We focus on growing healthy plants and offering them at a great price.

From March through June, we have selections of annuals, great for:

  • growing beautiful landscapes and flower beds
  • Creating a flower pot
  • Adding instant color to your property with a hanging basket

Our focus it to grow healthy plants and offer them at a great price. Browse below for our most popular varieties of plants and flowers. For our full inventory of plants and flowers, browse our greenhouses from March through June!

Bubblegum Supertunias

Price: $2.59/pot

Proven Winner Supertunia Vista plants will mound 2 feet tall and spread 2-3 feet in diameter. These plants perform best in landscape or a hanging basket with full to part sun exposure.

Homestead Gardens grows four colors of the Proven Winners Vista series, including Bubblegum, Silverberry, Fuschia, Snowdrift and Paradise colors.

Wave Petunias


Price: $1.00/pot

Wave petunia plants are great for ground cover, hanging baskets, or pots. They will spread 3 to 4 feet in diameter!

With large blooms that don’t need to removed once spent, these flowers are a great option for adding beauty to any landscape or pots. These plants perform best in part sun to full sun exposure.


Seed Geraniums

Price: $1.00/pot

Seed geraniums are a compact plants with smaller blooms than Zonal geraniums.

These plants are great for adding color to a sunny area of your landscape, and can also perform well in window boxes, hanging baskets and pots.


Zonal Geraniums

Price: $2.59

Zonal geraniums grow full blooms of vibrant colors. These plants grow taller and bigger than seed geraniums, but like seed geraniums, Zonal geraniums love the sun and are great for your landscape, window boxes, hanging baskets or pots.


Dragon Wing & BIG Begonias

Price: $2.59

Dragon Wing and BIG begonias are known for their flashy colors, unique plant look, and ease of care.

These plants will grow great in full shade to full sun — growing up to 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall.



Price: $8.50-$11.50

A mandevilla is a tropical vine plant with large “trumpet” flowers. The colors of Mandevillas we grow include red, white, pink and apricot.

These plants love the sun and can grow up to 20 feet feet tall with proper care and something to climb.



Price: $1.89/6-pack

Pansies are a great option for the early growing season (think early spring to Easter) when many other plants are not hardy enough to be planted outside.

We grow a variety of colors, including bi-color varieties.



Price: $0.94/4-pack

Marigolds are a popular annual due to their beautiful flowers and easy-care.

These plants are often used to add color to a flower bed or even a garden — they are known to be a great insect repellant.


Million Bells (Calibrachoa)

Price: $1.89 – $2.59

Calibrachoa plants grow a multitude of colorful mini flowers to add color to your pots or landscaping.

These plants love the sun and will grow 12 to 24 inches wide and 6 to 12 inches tall.



Prices: $3.59

Colorful grasses can add some style and color to a planter or landscape bed.

Among our grass varieties are Baby Moses and Prince Tut. Grasses grow best in part sun to full sun exposure.



Price: $2.59

Lantana is an easy care, yet beautiful plant that grows great as a ground cover or in a pot.

These plants can grow two feet tall, with a spread of up to 4 feet.



Price: .94 cents/4-pack

Our Vinca (annuals) are a great plant for adding color to a landscape or flower planter.

These plants love the sun and are extremely drought-resistant, making them an easy-care option for places that get a lot of sun exposure.

Since our start in 1990, Homestead Gardens has been focused on offering quality bedding plants at a great price. Over the years we have grown to offer hundreds of varieties of bedding plants, along with thousands of arrangements of hanging baskets, and other types of plants.

Bedding plants for Ephrata, Lancaster County, & the surrounding areas

Our customers come from all over to shop for our plants, and many have been coming to our greenhouses every spring since our early years. Many of our plants, including our Proven Winners, have been tested to perform well in this area’s climate and seasons. Whether your are choosing flowers for shade or sun, or to plant in a pot or landscape, we strive to start the healthiest plants we can for you.

Quality Bedding Plants Grown From Seed

How are we able to sell our plants at our low prices and maintain quality? We grow many of our varieties of plants from seed, which allows us to save money on shipping, and pass the value along to our customers.

A bigger benefit, though, is growing our plants from seed allows us to grow healthy, hardy plants from little on up. In fact, many of our plants are “hardened off” or put in colder and harsher conditions increasingly in order to produce a healthier and stronger plant.

Wide Varieties of Bedding Plants & Flowers

At Homestead Gardens we have grown to offer hundreds of varieties of plants. Here is a list of some of the favorites:

  • Wave petunias: $1 a pot!

  • Geraniums: starting at $1!

  • Begonias: starting at .94 cents/4 plants!

  • Marigolds: .94 cents/4 plants!

Proven Winners Plants

Homestead Gardens is a Proven Winners certified greenhouse. We offer a selection of these popular plants, including:

  • Bubblegum Supertunias

  • Paradise Supertunias

  • Fuschia Supertunias

  • And more!

For just $2.59 a pot, these plants will grow to 3-4 feet and bloom abundantly. We have been growing the Supertunia Vista series for the past number of years. They have performed extremely well in the Ephrata and surrounding area!

Stop by Homestead Gardens from March through June

Homestead Gardens begins to sell plants and flowers in early March with hardy pansies and Proven Winners Supertunias. These plants don’t mind frost due to being hardened off in our greenhouses and in some cases, outside. As Easter approaches, many of our annuals are ready to be planted outside as well.

Visit our greenhouses from March through June to browse our selection flowers, plants and hanging baskets.