Selling Plants Mid-March through May

Browse our most popular varieties of plants and flowers below. For a full inventory of plants and flowers at Homestead Gardens, call us at (717) 733-7067 or stop by our greenhouses from mid-March through May.

Supertunia Vista Series

bubblegum supertunias vs wave petunias

$2.69 / 4.5″ pot

Wave Petunias

growing wave petunias

$1.00 / 3.5″ pot

Seed Geraniums

Seed geraniums for sale in lancaster pa

$1.00 / 3.5″ pot

Zonal Geraniums

Zonal geraniums for sale in lancaster pa

$2.59 / 4.5″ pot

Dragon Wing & BIG Begonias

begonia basket in a greenhouse

$2.59 / 4.5″ pot


healthy annuals blooming in a greenhouse because they were planted at the right time

$1.89 / Jumbo 6-pack


Apricot mandevilla in our lancaster county greenhouse

$8.99 / Single Plant | $12.99 / Two Plants


marigold care

$0.99 / 4-pack

Million Bells (Calibrachoa)

Million Bells for sale in lancaster pa

$2.69 / 4.5″ pot | $1.99 / 3.5″ pot


$3.69 / Deep 4.5″ pot

Lancaster County plants for sale

Whether you are a lifetime resident of Lancaster County or are just passing through, we are happy to have you at Homestead Gardens.

Homestead Gardens is a family owned and operated greenhouse. We’ve been growing plants since 1990, with a focus on providing healthy plants at a good price.

We grow mostly annuals (plants that complete their lifecycle in one season). Since we are only a small operation, we focus on growing popular varieties, including Proven Winners plants like Supertunia Vista Bubblegum.

Whether your are choosing flowers for shade or sun, or to plant in a pot or landscape, we strive to start the healthiest plants we can for you.

Quality bedding plants grown from seed

How are we able to sell our plants at a low price and maintain quality? We grow a lot of our varieties of plants from seed, which allows us to save money on shipping/plugs, and pass the value along to our customers.

Many of our plants are “hardened off” (put in colder and harsher conditions over time) in order to produce a healthier and stronger plant.

Plants & flower selection

Below is a selection of what we offer. Please call ahead (717) 733-7067 if you are wondering about a specific plant.

  • Wave petunias
  • Supertunias
  • Geraniums (seed & slip geraniums)
  • Begonias
  • Marigolds
  • Grasses
  • Mandevillas
  • Vinca
  • Lantana
  • Verbena
  • Million Bells
  • Sunpatiens
  • Impatiens
  • Coleus
  • Sun Coleus
  • And more!

Stop by Homestead Gardens from mid-March through May

Homestead Gardens begins to sell plants and flowers in mid-March. At this time, our pansies and Proven Winners Supertunias are typically ready to be planted outside. These plants don’t mind frost due to being hardened off in our greenhouses and in some cases, outside. As Mother’s Day approaches, many of our annuals are ready to be planted outside as well.

Visit our greenhouses from mid-March through June to browse our selection flowers, plants and hanging baskets.