Fresh & Local Produce

At Homestead Gardens our family has been growing fresh, delicious, produce for over 25 years! With one acre of agricultural land and four greenhouses, we are able to offer an abundance of our Lancaster County, farm-grown produce at two Philadelphia Food Trust farmers markets from June to November:

  • Clark Park Farmers' Market: Thursdays, 3pm-7pm

  • Overbrook Farmers' Market: Saturdays, 9am-1pm

Homestead Gardens strives to grow the most delicious varieties of produce—all grown primarily with organic methods (click here for more info). As a result of our sustainable farming practices, along with Ron's 44 years of produce-growing experience, Homestead Gardens can offer the highest quality produce at an affordable price. Shop Homestead Garden's produce selection today at one of our farmers markets! 

Family Owned & Operated

Over 15 years ago, Ronald Weaver, along with his wife Rosene (both pictured left) have been selling their produce at Philadelphia farmers markets. Over the years their seven children have helped with the growing and selling of Homestead Garden's delicious fruits and vegetables.

Today, some of the children still help in the fields and manage Homestead Garden's farmers market stands. Some faces that you may recognize at our stand include: Ron or Rosene (pictured left), Ruth, Rosene's mother (second from the left), Rendell (second from the right), and Rondre (right).

Homestead Gardens continues to be family-owned and operated. Setting up our stand at the farmers markets in Philadelphia has become a family tradition, and we are happy to see the familiar faces of our customers who have been supporting our stand for many years.

IMG_20180901_085951599 (1).jpg

Farmers Market Stand Selection

Throughout the season, customers can expect to see a wide variety of produce consistently each week at our farmers market stands. Check out some photos below for a taste of what we grow:

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