Hanging Baskets

Hundreds of Beautiful
Hanging Baskets

Homestead Gardens grows a variety of colorful and eye-catching hanging plants.

Browse a gallery of hanging baskets below. To browse our full selection, browse our greenhouses from March through June!


Hanging Basket Plant Varieties

We offer a wide selection of plants in 11” pots, including combinations of the following plants:

  • Wave petunias

  • Geraniums

  • Sunpatiens

  • Calibrachoa

  • Dragon Wing begonias

  • BIG begonias

  • Silver falls, ivy, and other vines

  • And more!

Stop by our greenhouses from March through June to view our full selection of colorful hanging baskets!

Hanging Basket Size Options

Our hanging basket options include:

  • 10” hanging baskets: 1-3 plants per pot

  • 11” hanging baskets: 3-4 plants per pot

  • 12” hanging baskets: 3-5 plants per pot

To see hanging basket prices and a full description of each hanging basket size, see below.

1-3 Plants Hanging Baskets (10” basket)

Price: $10.99

With a smaller pot to grow in, we plant colors of flowers that will make a pop but also not overgrow into each other. Depending on the size and type of plants, these baskets include 1-3 plants each. Many times, this includes “spillers”, or plants that will grow out over the pot and drape, such as Mezoo vine, Silver Falls, or ivy. Our most popular 10” combo hanging basket is the calibrachoa combo hanging basket — a vibrant, colorful basket that is full of the famous mini Callie blooms (pictured below).

Our 10” hanging baskets are a great option for anyone looking to get something colorful at the best price. At just $10.99 a hanging basket, these baskets will provide beauty to your home all summer long when cared for.

3-4 Plants Hanging Baskets (11” basket)

Price: $12.99

We grow a wide range of 11” hanging baskets for shade, sun and part sun/part shade. With a larger pot than the 10” hanging baskets we offer, these baskets contain plants that take up more space and feature more variety. Our most popular 11” basket is our ferns — for just $12.99 you can take home a vibrant, easy-care, shade-loving fern basket!

Our 11” hanging baskets have been popular at our greenhouses for their color, size and great price. Other benefits of these hanging baskets include:

  • More plants, many times including a filler plant, a spiller, and a thriller! This combo creates a beautiful hanging basket that pops with variety!

  • More space means more plants and more ground for these plants to establish a healthy root structure — our goal is to grow a hanging basket that sets you up for success in keeping it beautiful all summer long.

  • Slow-release fertilizer is put into these hanging baskets to keep the plant fed all summer long — we still recommend feeding it fertilizer yourself.

3-5 Plant Combo Hanging Basket (12” basket)

Price: $19.99

Our 12” hanging basket is our largest basket. These hanging baskets include 3 to 5 plants, many times including premium varieties, such as Proven Winners. In some cases, these baskets come with a hard cocoa basket that can be reused from year to year.

With a larger pot size, we plant up to 5 different plants in each of these hanging baskets! Your basket will pop with color and beauty with any of our 12” combo baskets.

Visit our greenhouses to browse our hanging baskets

Stop by Homestead Gardens from March through June to browse our full range of beautiful hanging baskets! Our greenhouses are located at 695 Water Street, Ephrata, PA, 17522.