How to Choose Hanging Basket Plants [Infographic]

How to Choose Hanging Basket Plants Infographic

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4 Things to Consider

1. Sunlight

Choose sun-loving plants for baskets being hung in the sun, and vise versa.

2. Plant Combos

Choose plants that compliment each other in appearance.

3. Plant Needs

Choose plants with similar watering, sunlight and fertilizer needs.

4. Plant Growth

Consider the plants’ heights and spread: be careful not to overcrowd your basket.

Quick Tip

Certain flowers are perfect for attracting hummingbirds and bees when planted in a hanging basket.

3 Key Types of Plants for a Hanging Basket Arrangement


A plant that adds height and acts as the centerpiece.


Plants that fill in the space around the the thriller plant.


Plants that cascades over the edge of the basket.