How to Grow Mint

Mint is an aggressive growth plant. Its underground root structure spreads like a web and sends shoots up all around the parent plant. Many times growers will have a mint patch due to the plant’s spreading nature.

To get started from a parent plant, check out our guide on how to grow mint from cuttings.

Mint can also be grown from seed or purchased at most garden centers and greenhouses.


Once you have a mint plant or seedling on hand, plant the mint in well-draining soil. Mint is easy care, but planting it in the right soil is important for a healthy plant.

If you are growing your mint plants in a hanging basket or pot, regular potting soil will be fine.


Make sure to plant the mint where it’ll get plenty of sun. Mint perform the best when they have a full day of sun, but a part-day of shade won’t kill then.


Water mint plants when the soil around the plant has dried. Typically, when the first 1/2 inch of soil is dry, the plant is ready to be watered.

Mint are a great plant to try growing. They are easy-care, and often grow like a weed.